Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why did you build this site?

We created Bitcoin For Charity to solve a need – namely, that there was no singular resource that hosted a verified list of all bitcoin accepting charities.

2. Do you make money off of this site?

No, this site was built solely to give back to the world.

3. I’m a Charitable Organization, and I would like to be included on your website – how can I do this?

There is a 2 step process to being included on our site. The first, you will have to figure out how to accept bitcoin for your organization. Head on over to our page to learn how to accept bitcoin, and create your first wallet. Once that is done, please contact us with:

  • A) Your wallet address (NOT your secret key)
  • B) Your organization’s website URL.
  • C) A short description of your organization.

4. Where can I donate BitCoin to some Charities?

Excellent! All charities on our Bitcoin Charity List have been verified by us. Assuming you already have bitcoin to give, please use their wallet address on the Charities list page. If your charity is not there, be sure to have them reach out to us to be included!